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The Ultimate Cleanse

The Ultimate Cleanse - a natural solution to a healthier life

A powerful yet gentle spring clean for your inside, Natures way to tune up your body.

Allow your body to function at its highest level, with the Ultimate Cleanse Kit - one of the worlds' most popular and highly trusted herbal detox products.

The Ultimate Cleanse is a 100% natural liver detox and colon detox that is designed to eliminate years of toxic waste build-up from your body - giving you more energy and improved health and vitality.

Our herbal detox cleanse kit provides a number of benefits to the body. It acts as a weight management detox, plus it also helps promote regularity, cleanse drugs from the system, enhanced energy levels and better overall body functionality.

New Zealand made colon and liver cleansing programme

The Ultimate Cleanse

This top selling natural body detox kit is a powerful, yet gentle product that is designed to remove a build-up of unwanted toxins, providing your body with the perfect tune up and a return to its natural rhythms.

The Ultimate Cleanse combines 100% natural herbs with essential dietary ingredients to form the best detox for the entire body.

The body cleanse detox kit is a full intestinal, colon and liver detox programme, which is completed over ten days. It leaves you feeling fresh, revitalised, light and clear. The herbal detox is recommended once a year to help clean your colon and remove mucoid plaque from your intestines. This plaque forms as a result of undigested food particles and acidity, which attract bacteria and parasites.

We also supply a pack of Probiotic Multi-9 (10 capsules) to restore the nine most important live bacteria found in our intestines.
These should be consumed immediately following The Ultimate Cleanse programme. They repopulate the digestive system with good bacteria, replacing the bad bacteria that are removed during the detoxification process.

Why do the Herbal Detox.

ORDER The Ultimate Cleanse, retails at (NZD) $99.00

Always read the labels and use only as directed. If symptoms persist please see your healthcare professional.


Powerful Milk Thistle combined with essential Vitamins and Electrolytes for your Liver health

Liver Cleanse

Your liver is the largest internal organ in your body. It removes waste and toxins from your blood and plays an important part in the process of absorbing vitamins and minerals.

With all the toxins and poisons that you absorb through your food and the atmosphere, it is important to help the liver do its job. Liver Cleanse contains effective herbs, vitamins and minerals that support your liver while it purifies and cleans your blood.

Milk thistle is the main ingredient in Liver Cleanse and works to protect and restore the liver from toxic damage, while also aiding liver regeneration.

Liver Cleanse contains B vitamins for energy and stress relief, vitamin C for protection, cell regeneration and additional antioxidant activity.

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